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About HWC’s New Funding Program for 2017

We began this program in December of 2016 and will continue throughout 2017 donating $1,000 each month to a local charity.  Each member was asked to choose a charity which was most important to them – at that very moment!  There was no group discussion of our local non-profits because we would not have been able to choose between them!  We listed each member’s choice and our “Year of Giving” program began…  (Yes, we started early and will be donating a total of $13,000 through this program.)

If you would like to join us for a “giving presentation” we would love to have you…  All pertinent information throughout the year will be listed on this page.   There are many truly wonderful non-profits operating in Henderson County and we are looking forward to meeting more of the amazing people who are doing the volunteer work that creates the positive difference in our community. 

This is your invitation to learn and experience with us! 

Recipient for SEPTEMBER 2017…


Members of both the Hendersonville Woman’s Club and The Hendersonville Chorale…
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Visit The Hendersonville Chorale online here…
“Donating to The Hendersonville Chorale was on our agenda from the very beginning,” said HWC president Norah Schumacher.   “HWC members were very much aware that our Giving program should create a balanced cross-section, and the inclusion of a community-based musical program was needed as “the arts” help to reveal and enhance the underlying identity, value, and character of a community.  The Hendersonville Chorale was brought into focus by a close family friend who reminded me this nonprofit (501c3) Chorale is a no-audition volunteer group of local people who love to sing, plus each member appreciates the opportunity created for them to have a part in bringing quality musical programs to the people in their community.  Having attended several seasonal concerts in the past, I remembered how enjoyable they were with a wide range of beautiful and amazingly complex pieces.  Their performances would rival those of paid professional chorale groups!  The HWC is proud to support The Hendersonville Chorale.”   
Now in its 43rd concert season, The Hendersonville Chorale is the oldest continually performing choral group in Henderson County. It’s first concert was held in the Hendersonville High School Auditorium on June 8th, 1975.  Currently approximately 70 “non-auditioned” singers with a wide range in age and skill levels lend their voices to The Chorale, and the only requirement asked for membership is to share their love of singing. 
In addition to their annual fall and spring concerts, The Chorale frequently performs at the invitation of other area organizations. In recent years, performances have included appearances at the Biltmore Estate, the local MiLB Asheville Tourist home games, the Henderson County Heritage Museum’s Veterans Hall – Memorial Day, and The WNC Apple Festival each year in downtown Hendersonville. The Chorale has been distinguished as the guest choir with the Brevard Philharmonic and the Hendersonville Community Band.  This past May, Chorale members joined The Asheville Symphony Chorus and The Asheville Choral Society in a musical venture that took them to Prague and Brno in the Czech Republic, and onto Vienna and Salzburg, Austria.   
Michael Brannon is the current director of The Hendersonville Chorale. Mr. Brannon began his musical career playing the piano at age 7, and by age 8 he had made his debut on the church organ.  Additionally, Michael is the Director of Music for First United Methodist Church of Hendersonville, the accompanist for the Hendersonville Children’s Chorus, and the musician for Agudas Israel Congregation.  He arranges his time to teach private piano and organ lessons, is a member of the Blue Ridge Chapter of the American Guild of Organists, a former Dean of the Western North Carolina Chapter, also a member of the American Choral Directors Association, Choristers Guild and the Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship. 
Upcoming is their annual “Fall Holiday Concert” which will be held this year on November 19th at 3:00 pm (Sunday) at The First United Methodist Church in Hendersonville.  Their seasonal performances are very popular and tickets will be available on their web site at:  www.Hendersonvillechorale.com; you may email them directly at: Hendersonvillechoralenc@yahoo.com; visit the Henderson County Visitor’s Center (201 S. Main St.), or speak with any Chorale member. 
“It is our individual pleasure to continue the legacy of The Hendersonville Chorale and please know our community’s patronage through all these years is sincerely appreciated” …  Members of The Hendersonville Chorale.

Recipient for AUGUST 2017…

“MUDDY SNEAKERS” of Henderson County

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Visit them online at https://muddysneakers.org/
Hendersonville Women’s Club member SARAH CLAYTON chose Muddy Sneakers as the club’s August “Year of Giving” recipient.  As a former 5th grade teacher for Henderson County Schools, I had the opportunity to see and experience first-hand the impact the Muddy Sneakers program had on our students. When students get to fifth grade, it is a whole new world of science vocabulary and concepts they are responsible for learning.  It can be challenging to find methods to truly implement learning of all these new concepts, especially if the student does not have a solid foundation of prior knowledge and experiences.  This is where the magic happens within the Muddy Sneakers program!  The program is unique in that it provides students with continuous exposure to an outdoor classroom through participation in 6-10 hands-on learning expeditions which are spread throughout the school year.  Each expedition reflects a key science topic and directly correlates with the 5th grade NC Science Standard Course of Study objectives.  Muddy Sneakers’ curriculum is built from state ‘Essential Standards’ for 5th grade Science with an eye towards incorporating some of the national ‘Common Core’ Math and Language Arts standards into each expedition.  
While students’ classroom teachers accompany them into the woods, expeditions are taught by highly qualified, safety-minded Muddy Sneakers Field Instructors in small group settings of no more than 12 students per instructor. Instructors serve as ‘naturalists’ in the field, each applying their own diverse background and teaching style to the material while sharing a common passion for working with students in the outdoors.  An impressive recent static of the Muddy Sneakers program has shown that schools who participate in the program have seen an average 25% increase in their 5th grade science end-of-grade test scores!   

“Muddy Sneakers is celebrating their 10th Year Anniversary” explained executive director Ryan Olson… “We began in Transylvania County and have progressively expanded into the surrounding communities.  Here in Henderson County our projected expansion is for 250 children to participate in the upcoming year.  Certainly, to accomplish this we will need community participation on many levels, and we’re hoping the programs tremendous success record will speak for itself both in the schools and throughout this areas generous private sector.  Our costs are kept intentionally affordable, and our staff of professionals are dedicated to the students learning experience of our natural world and not their own personal income – it is commendable.  Today for example, the children are traveling to Bradley Falls, and tomorrow to Wintergreen Falls in DuPont Forest.”

The Muddy Sneakers mission is clear… “To awaken in school children a deeply felt connection with the natural world, one that inspires curiosity, stimulates learning, and brings new life to classroom performance.”   All are invited to learn more about the Muddy Sneakers program and how you can be of assistance to this amazing living-classroom.

Recipient for JULY 2017…
“Big Brothers – Big Sisters” Of Henderson County

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From left to right: Jacob Tomiuk (a “little brother”), Steve Kirkland (Outreach Director and a “big brother”), HWC’s Tanya Chin, Denise Fidelia, Kelly Hanlon, Toni Warren, and baby Luca Warren.

Hendersonville Woman’s Club donates to Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Henderson County was the July recipient of the Hendersonville Woman’s Club “Year of Giving” program.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Western North Carolina has been serving young people in this area since 1982. This program matches children ages 6 to 14 from single-parent families with adult mentors who believe in them and see their potential. When matched with their “Big,” “Littles” gain a role model, a friend and new experiences through which they build higher aspirations for their lives.

In choosing our July recipient, HWC members agreed, “One on one mentoring for children can truly change lives and communities.” Some of us have seen this up close, volunteering as “Bigs,” knowing others who have volunteered, and hearing from the “Littles” how much their “Big” has meant to them over the years. Equally as touching, hearing from the “Bigs” how much it has impacted their own lives in meaningful ways. For those of us who have benefitted from mentors during our childhood, mentors who took the time to encourage us, open our minds, expand the possibilities of our futures, know that our lives were changed.

Thousands of children in our region are facing adversity. Enduring relationships with caring mentors are proven to help them develop more positive visions of themselves and their futures —and to beat the odds. To learn more about the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, to donate, or to volunteer, visit bbbswnc.org

Recipient for JUNE 2017…
“Hendersonville Inclusive Playground Project”
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L-R:  HWC’s Sarah Clayton, Norah Schumacher, Toni Warren, HIPP Sarah Alholm and Hendersonville Elementary School Principle Kerry Stewart. 

Toni Warren, Secretary of the Hendersonville Woman’s Club, chose the Hendersonville Elementary PTO and the Hendersonville Inclusive Playground Project (HIPP) as the Club’s June “Year of Giving” recipient… “Ever since Sarah Alholm (co-chair of the project) spoke to the club last year I’ve been thinking about this project” Warren says of her decision to support the cause. “Elementary school is such an important age of development for children and those who typically couldn’t play with their peers because of a wheelchair, or any number of obstacles, missed out on important lessons, including about their place in society. However, an inclusive playground like this removes them from the sidelines and brings them right into the game.  Contributing to the monumental efforts this PTO and the community have put into fundraising for this project seems like one way to reach a lot of deserving children.  I was excited to be able to help in any way possible.”

Those who head up the HIPP project are a group of motivated parents and community members who are working to create an accessible, state-of-the-art playground. Their current goal is to finish building the play space that has been their project since the fall of 2014. The space is designed to be fun and appeal to all children while providing safety and inclusion for youth of every ability. This is an ambitious project; however, they are approaching it in manageable stages.  Inclusive playgrounds provide accessible, universal play spaces. The opportunity for children, regardless of physical, mental, or developmental need, to play side-by-side with their able-bodied peers fosters improved social interaction, independence, and cultural acceptance. Key features that allow this peer interaction include safe, smooth surfacing, stimulating accessible equipment, and the opportunity for ground level play.

The project is built on the grounds of Hendersonville Elementary School. The new playground will serve not only the school, but the greater Hendersonville population as well, since the public is welcomed whenever school is not in session. Community play times include every afternoon, all weekend and during school breaks. This project will also attract families from surrounding areas, thus providing economic benefits to our community. Members of HIPP will provide both short and long-term recognition to organizations who help turn dreams for a space where all children can play side-by-side into a reality.  Visit the playground at Hendersonville Elementary School (when school is not in session).

Contact HIPP at 828-595-5025 or hvilleinclusiveplayproject@gmail.com.

Read more at http://www.hendersoncountypublicschoolsnc.org/hes/general-information/inclusive-playground/ or find them on Facebook.

Recipient for MAY 2017…

“Blue Ridge Honor Flight”

See “HOMECOMING” Pictures From May 13, 2017 Here…
Mission Statement:  “To transport America’s Veterans to Washington, DC to visit those memorials dedicated to honor the service and sacrifices of themselves and their friends.”  

May 2nd Presentation Photo Above: L-R; HWC’s Sarah Clayton, Barbara Iles-Bothe, BRHF Fonder/Dir. Jeff Miller, HWC’s Leigh Nunzio, Norah Schumacher and BRHF’s Mary-Beth Burns.

“Veterans of the United States of America” … There are so many ways to headline that, but ultimately, they are “Our Veterans!”  We belong to them and they belong to us!  Our Veterans have protected their people for centuries, and for this same duration of time their people have sought ways to not let their sacrifices be diminished because they are many and great!     

It is with this thought in mind and the thrill that her father, William (Bill) A. Iles, felt during his experience back in 2008 which inspired his daughter – Barbara Iles Bothe, to choose Blue Ridge Honor Flight during May as part of the Hendersonville Woman’s Club ‘Year of Giving’ program.  

Barbara said, “Dad was overwhelmed and truly honored that his sacrifice and service in WWII were being recognized after all these years.”  Bill passed five months after his Honor Flight to the WWII Memorial in Washington, DC.  “There is something almost magical that happens with each of the Honor Flights” Barbara continued, “and it is for us as a people as much as for our veterans.  We have an opportunity to finally and tangibly say “Thank you, the parade has not passed you by.” 

In 2005 Jeff Miller started (formerly named) ‘HonorAir’ to fulfill for others, a dream that ran-out-of-time for his father.  Honor Air and the National Honor Flight programs have been responsible for flying over 150,000 WWII veterans to our nation’s capital to experience their memorial.  In the spring of 2011, the last Western North Carolina Honor Air flight returned home to the Asheville Airport.  On September 24, 2016, “Honor Air” became “Blue Ridge Honor Flight” and began the next phase of its mission to bring all veterans to their own memorials in Washington DC.    

Blue Ridge Honor Flight continually advocates for veterans while working with other states in developing their own Honor Flight programs in conjunction with the Honor Flight Network. There is much each of us can do to assist our local program – it’s about heart, soul and gratitude.  We urge you to contact them directly:  Web Site: blueridgehonorflight.com / Facebook: facebook.com/blueridgehonorflight.com / Phone: (866) 224-4094  

 Recipient for APRIL 2017 …


See Times News @ Blueridgenow.com here…

Contact or visit Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue at: 5526 Hendersonville Road, Fletcher, NC 28732. Phone them at:  828-885-DOGS (3647).  Read more about this amazing organization online or at Facebook at the following links:  


This organization is dedicated to rescuing homeless, abandoned, and often neglected animals from area shelters and helping them find their “forever” homes through local adoptions or through transportation to one of the many rescue groups the organization works with in Northern states.  In 2012 Charlie’s Angels expanded its scope of services and opened its own shelter in Henderson County, NC.

On April 3rd HWC’s Treasurer, Nan Patton was joined by club members and CAAR staff as she presented a $1,000 check to this amazing animal rescue.  Located in Fletcher (NC) this non-profit seriously rivals the successful yearly adoption numbers of larger staffed & greater funded area rescues!  “Without doubt there are many excellent reasons to support animal welfare and one group that is always at the top of my list is CAAR because of their impressive forever home adoption rate, which rivals many of the larger and better-funded shelters in our area,” said Patton. “Imagine you’re involved with a real-time animal death-row drama and it’s breaking your heart and just in the nick of time a small, yet powerful, force for good flies to the rescue and a happy-ending is assured! Fact is, this drama plays out every day for CAAR volunteers, and every day their heroic efforts create the difference between life or death. Now, how could this be anything but great!”

FRONT L-R:  HWC’s Nan Patton, Toni Warren & Luca and CAAR Volunteer Allison Balla…  BACK L-R:  HWC’s Mindy Collins, Robin Smathers, CAAR Manager Jan Stepp, HWC’s Les Maier and CAAR President Kim Smith.  (Friends, a closer look at this event photo shows both Nan & Luca have focused their attention on the more important matter at hand – a sweet little doggie just out of camera view!)



Recipient for MARCH 2017 …
“Safelight” is a nonprofit agency that provides support for victims of interpersonal violence, sexual assault and child abuse. “Safelight” makes it possible for families who want to be free of violent relationships to succeed.  Are you safe? Do you know of someone who is not safe?  If you would like to talk with someone please call or come by.  Safelight help is available 24/7, year-round. 

CALL:  828.693.3840.  Safelight is located at:  133 Fifth Ave W, Hendersonville, NC (corner of Church St. & 5th Ave.)  Hope & Healing for Families is here…


“Safelight” was mentioned very early-on by HWC Members and literally everyone said, “Oh yes!  I’ll do it!  Love that place!  Pick me!  (Lol)  So, we made Safelight an HWC Membership giving choice.  If you’re ever asked about Safelight the answer is simple: It’s in their name, it can be felt in the heart and soul of every Safelight volunteer, and it’s stated clearly in their Mission:  “Creating Hope, Healing Lives, Changing Community.” 

If you have ever thought of donating to this wonderful charitable resource within Henderson County NOW is the time to get onboard with the generosity of their anonymous donor who set-up a matching-fund in the amount of $50,000!   HWC’s $1,000 donation this month turns into a $2,000 donation to Safelight. We offer our sincere gratitude to their unnamed benefactor for this opportunity…   HWC Membership 

HWC Members Present $1,000 to Safelight on March 9th at the Dandelion

L-R: HWC’s Nan Patton, Safelight’s Executive Director Tanya Blackford, HWC’s Toni Warren, Norah Schumacher, Sharyn Frank.  Center photo handing the check to Tanya is Master Luca Warren…!

DANDELION – Is the awesome café operated by Safelight for breakfast & lunch, and the food is excellent!  Located at 127 Fifth Avenue W. (Hdvl.)  Phone:  (828) 595-9365.  Menus online & catering available.  Visit “Dandelion” web site here…  




Recipient for FEBRUARY 2017


Read the Times News coverage at Blueridgenow.com here…

828-693-5172 •  cpforpetsinc@aol.com
CPPI Mission Statement: “To work toward the day when NO healthy, adoptable dogs or cats are euthanized at local shelters simply to make room for new animals coming into the shelter. We want all dogs and cats to have a chance to find their loving, forever home. Long term spay/neuter and our community opting to adopt a new pet, can make this a reality.” 
Get the facts about spaying / neutering at CCPI here…

Standing L-R:  HWC’s Les Maier, Sarah Hutton, Alice Windish, Mindy Collins, CPPI’s Mary Cervini, HWC’s Norah Schumacher, designer & our friend Elisabeth Stanton visiting from Nashville (TN) and HWC’s Nan Patton.  Seated Center:  HWC’s Toni Warren.
On February 3rd, HWC’s Mindy Collins was joined by Mary Cervini – Founder & Director of CPPI and several HWC club members & friends who brought along their cherished pets to this giving presentation.  
Our photo (above) was finally taken after settling down a bit…!  (Several attending pets were dissatisfied with how their humans behaved and took them home early.)  Ruff & Meow…!
This is a cause which is certainly near & dear to my heart…  I’ve been caring for animals since I was a young child growing up in rural Oklahoma and I continue to care for animals today. Community Partnership for Pets is a great nonprofit with no paid salaries using 100% of donations going directly to spay/neuter the dogs and cats in our county!  The most important thing to remember about spaying and neutering is that it saves lives.  In every community in every U.S. state, there are animals sitting in shelters waiting for their “forever” homes and more are being brought in each day.  The outcome for so many of these animals is painfully obvious, and so too is the solution…  “Please adopt – don’t shop!”  Mindy Collins, Vice President – HWC

Recipient for JANUARY 2017 

MANNA FoodBank’s – “Packs for Kids” 

Read the Times News coverage at “Blueridgenow.com” here…!

  January 20th presentation at MANNA’s Headquarters in Asheville, NC
Sharyn Frank (HWC’s membership chair) was joined by other club members on January 20th for her presentation to the “Packs for Kids” program sponsored by MANNA FoodBank in Asheville, NC.
L-R:  HWC’s Nan Patton, Tanya Chin, Norah Schumacher, Sharyn Frank (Center), Toni Warren, and MANNA’s Chief Development Officer Mary Nesbitt.
Through HWC’s new philanthropy, $1,000 will be given to one community charity each month. “The individual organizations were chosen by each club member who was asked to write the name of one charity that was near and dear to their hearts – at that moment! It would have been impossible to choose otherwise”, explained Ms. Frank.  “There are just so many worthy and amazing charitable organizations in Henderson County.
“For me, the “Packs for Kids” program came to mind immediately because child hunger is very serious on so many levels.  My daughter’s family is in the process of adopting two children who have become “A” students through a loving environment and good nutrition!  Certainly, nurturing is a major factor in a child’s development, but a child’s ability to learn is directly related to their daily nutrition.  Unfortunately, even a loving environment is adversely affected by a family’s inability to provide proper nutrition for their children.  This is where the “Packs for Kids” program automatically steps-in and sends nutritious foods home to the family.”  Sharyn Frank, Membership Chair – HWC
The MANNA “Packs for Kids” program provides emergency food assistance to public school students throughout all 16 counties in their service area.  MANNA works closely with school employees to identify at-risk student populations.  The importance of this program is shown with 5,000 kids receiving MANNA “Packs for Kids” each Friday.  “Despite their best efforts, many families can’t afford all the food their children need for healthy, normal development.  1 in 4 children in our service area don’t have access to three square meals a day. In Henderson County alone, 659 children receive “Packs for Kids” every week.”
MANNA FoodBank is a private, not-for-profit service organization and an impressive 94 cents of each dollar donated goes to providing food with hope and dignity to WNC since 1983. If you need help or would like more information, please contact MANNA directly at (828) 299-3663 or on their web site at: www.mannafoodbank.org

Recipient for DECEMBER, 2016


Read “Year of Giving” kick-off story in the Times News at Blueridgenow.com here…    

“Woman’s Club Aims to Give Back Each Month…” 

L – R:  HWC’s Janet Bradford, physical therapist Cheryl Denton and assistant Leslie Hall pose with the donated motorized scooter at Apple Valley Middle School. 
The scooter was donated to be used districtwide within the Henderson County School’s system.  Plus, the remaining cash allotment was donated to be used by the district’s physical therapy department. 
HWC’s educational committee member Janet Bradford is a long time volunteer at the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Hendersonville.  One day late in October Janet notice this motorized scooter (in excellent condition) for sale and immediately thought of all the children who might need this as a training tool in our local school system.  Janet taught handicapped children in Georgia before retiring with her husband to Hendersonville, so she knew all the useful possibilities this motorized scooter presented.  When HWC members were asked to write the name of their favorite charity, “at that very moment”,  Janet’s was the first paper back and since she just couldn’t wait for the new year to begin, we started a month early in December of 2016.  Thank you Janet…! 


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