Educational Programs

We are proud to continue the legacy and values of the Hendersonville Woman’s Club by promoting empowerment through education.   As we look toward the future we understand there will be a need for a new and specialized educational  experience.   And, it is our belief that a strong primary school quality-of-learning-experience can be the foundation needed to propel more students forward.  Beginning this new year, we have expanded our educational program to include funding to our local grade schools…  HWC Membership

   Grade School Program, 2017 

This new addition to our Educational Program has identified areas of urgent need within our local grade school system.  The membership of the HWC allocated $2,500 to this local need.

On April 27th Edneyville Elementary was presented with a check for $ 1,750…

“We were greeted by the children with signs, cards, a song and a poem all in gratitude…  We were overwhelmed by their kindness, and our hearts are full!”

L-R:  HWC’s Sarah Clayton, Tanya Chin, Sharyn Frank

The donation was used for earnestly needed headphones so the children could singularly concentrate on their audio lessons in the classroom.  Without them, all of us can imagine how these small children would struggle to obtain/maintain attention to their lessons.  


 HWC’s Scholarship Funding Today

The HWC has long been known as a scholarship funding organization within our community and we continue to embrace this distinction today.  For many decades the HWC has worked directly with Blue Ridge Community College to identify eligible scholarship recipients for continuing adult education.  While we want our scholarship funding with Blue Ridge to continue, at present we are relying on the Community Foundation of Henderson County (CFHC) to dispense monies from our account with them:

  • Back in 1992 the HWC entered into an Endowment Fund Agreement with the (CFHC).  Through the years we have made financial contributions totaling $95,000 into this scholarship fund.  We have no control over the distribution of this money as it is a completely managed account by the CFHC.   At present, the total in this account is just under $50,000 and has a “current spendable balance” of roughly $10,000…  This means there is roughly $10K available for scholarships and we strongly urge students to apply directly to the CFHC here. 

Imagining Schools of the Future

  • A sense of community so the student feels they belong within their community and society.
  • Engaging young people and constantly refining our processes to meet them where they are, so we can get them to where they need to be for a successful life that will meet their dreams.
  • Address the impact of adversity on children’s  development.
  • Recognize that human beings want to learn and if we give them an environment where it’s safe to fail, safe to learn and safe to collaborate, they will learn and find joy in it. 
  • We imagine future schools will be more individualized and more experimental as we learn to innovate together.

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